Aviair Pure

When choosing an electrolyzing sanitizer for your business, shop or home, an important factor to consider is the quality of the electrolysis cell and the the durability of the alloys in the metals used to make the cells. Aviair Pure range of products has been tested and are certified to produce a consistently reliable sanitizing solution.

They also share the same high quality plastic and alloy coating to avoid breakage, leakage, hard residues, or contamination, and include the electrolysis module.

Aviair PureSense

The main product of AviarPure range is Aviair PureSense, which comes with an ergonomically optimized sprayer head, semi-automatic fine misting and wireless power supply base.

Aviair PureEco

For a more affordable option, Aviair PureEco provides the same technology but in a smaller size and without some of the features, such as wireless base.

Aviair PurePro

Our latest range, Aviair PurePro offers a solution for higher disinfection intensity usage and larger surfaces.

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