Frequently Asked Questions

  • It is proven to eliminate 99.9% of common viruses and bacteria, so more powerful than conventional disinfectants including bleach.
  • It is safer to you and the environment than conventional sanitizers.
  • It is more convenient and cost effective: You can make your own sanitizer anytime and without buying refills. Aviair PureSense also just requires 10 minutes to prepare the solution and can be use it every day or as many times a day as needed.

Aviair PureSense is actually good value for money since the investment is only upfront. Instead of buying a new product when the bottle is empty, you can make your own refill anytime, anywhere with with only regular table salt and tap water.

Aviair Pure range however offers another more affordable product, Aviair PureEco that costs less but uses the same technology and delivers the same benefit. The difference is in the nozzle spray (not semi-automatic) and its base, which is not wireless.

The electrolyzed oxidizing technology to convert salty water into hypochlorous acid has been available for forty years, but it has up to know been mainly reserved for industrial use.  It has also been proven to be an effective disinfectant against the most common bacteria and viruses.  More recently, hypochlorous acid has been recognized and approved by government bodies like US Government agency, EPA, as an effective disinfectant against viruses including COVID-19.

Yes, we have several independent test results from reputable testing laboratories confirming that the product kills 99.9% of common virus, germs and bacteria.

Yes, one of the product benefits is breaking down and neutralizing odours in seconds, including pet or kitchen odors, as odors usually come from bacterial growth.

Aviair PureSense can be used on multiple hard non-porous surfaces around the house or place of work, including mobile phones, laptops, mirrors, door handles, lockers, sport equipment, as well as wood, plastic and metal surfaces.

The pH level measures the levels of acidity or alkalinity a liquid and ranges from 0 to 14, with 0 being very acidic, 14 being very alkaline and 7 being neutral or pH balanced. Aviair PureSense sanitizing solution liquid has a pH between 6.4 to 8 pH level, so it is considered pH neutral.

PPM (measuring chlorine content) of Aviair PureSense is about 100. Anything with chlorine content is proven to work as a disinfectant, with 50 considered minimum and 500 PPM considered high.

The liquid solution created by Aviair PureSense is hypochlorous water — hypochlorous acid diluted to 100 Particles Per Million (PPM). Lab results show that a PPM level of 50 or more is potent enough to remove 99.9% of common bacteria and viruses in the environment within five seconds.

Aviair PureSense requires only one gram of salt (one small teaspoon which is provided in the pack) to produce 400 ml of sanitizer liquid. This dosage is much lower than competing products because of our proprietary technology and high-tech electrolysis module using titanium at its core.

As long as you use salt in the recommended dosage (one gram of salt per 400ml of water), you will get a liquid with low particles or chlorine content. This level of concentration is not visible nor harmful to clothes. However, wrong or high salt dosage may result in higher concentrations and may leave traces of salts or undissolved visible particles on clothes. For fabrics that are sensitive to stains, this would not be recommended.

Under normal indoor lighting, it is expected to last for two to three days. If in dark cabinets, may be last up to seven days. However we recommend throwing away the old batch and making a new solution from scratch every couple of days to ensure maximum effectiveness. It is easy to do, you only need normal table salt and tap water.

  • Four certifications based on test results from SGS global certification body proving effectiveness against major bacteria and three certifications from a reputable Chinese lab (one of the few authorized in China to conduct testing on viruses) proving effectiveness against major viruses.
  • EU Declaration of Conformity includes the following test certifications for the product: (ROHS Directive, LVD Directive, EMC Directive)
  • Aviair PureSense is registered with US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • TUV (as well as ITS or Intertek) certifications are in the application process and expected before the end of 2020. 

The consumer warranty is for one year. However, the product has been tested and performed well for 2,000 cycles which is roughly five years of using the product regularly, but one year is the minimum as we cannot control how the product is being handled. Instructions on usage handling are detailed in the in-pack User’s Manual.

As of this date, very few of the commercially available hypochlorous acid formulations have been specifically tested for efficacy against COVID. However, hypocholorous acid is included in the list of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered household disinfectants. While Aviair PureSense has not not formally tested against COVID, we have shown efficacy against harder to kill viruses (e.g. Norovirus and H1N1). Research also shows that generally, the best practices for dealing with infectious outbreaks of any kind are to clean first, then sanitize and disinfect — with cleaning removing up to 90 percent of soils and pathogens on a surface and the last 10 percent with an effective less-toxic sanitizer or disinfectant.  

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